So Long and Thanks for All the Fish!

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

As many of you know, the time has come for me to move on from A Boy, A Girl, and the Marine Corps.  I have loved blogging here, but have found that my new diagnosis and all that comes with it has made this blog feel a little less about my real life. This blog started as a place to for me to cope with a deployment, but as the years have moved on, I find that I blog about military life less and less. I have loved you all so much and hope you will join me on my new journey at It’s Not Me, You Suck.  Same content as here, but with a few more swear words.  Or maybe, more or less that same as that too. I have enjoyed this blogging journey so much and will miss this site.  It will remain live indefinitely for anyone who Continue reading

Dear Blogger Networks: Why Don’t You LIKE Me?

Why Don't You Like Me

Oh, right, it’s probably my use of phrases like “dicking around” and posts like my now all too famous “Homemade Swear Words” or the time I wrote about feeding my dogs virgin blood… but in all fairness, really, I just want what’s best for dogs in the most ridiculous and pretentious manner possible. It probably doesn’t help that last month my most popular post was titled, “My husband wouldn’t stab me,” in which I detailed how I begged my husband to stab me on video.  HEY! I did it for YOU.  And there might have been something about a stab proof vest in there… I can’t be expected to remember all the things. But, regardless of their true reasons why, I have been declined by every blog network I’ve applied for.  I usually get these really fabulous diplomatically vague answers about my content and numbers not being right for them Continue reading

My Doctors Said I’d Never Run Again, but it Doesn’t Mean They are Right: Spartan UP!

It might seem odd to have me, of all people, review a book written by the guy who started the Spartan Race. Truth be told, I’ve worked repeated with these guys over the last year. Why? Because prior to eight months ago, I was a runner. I ran the Tough Mudder and chronicled my journey right here on this blog. In fact, I was supposed to run the Spartan Race in just a few months. Things sure change quickly, don’t they? But, regardless of my ability to run or not, I am, in my heart, the very person this book was written for. I am the girl who thought I couldn’t do it, but wanted to so badly. And many of you may remember that I had my share of naysayers who told me I couldn’t do it. But I did. Now, I will admit that I’m still two chapters Continue reading