How Clean is YOUR House?

In case you hadn’t guessed, and I’m sure you have, I’m a bit of a neat freak.  Call it my way of controlling an otherwise chaotic world… Or call it plain ‘ol good sense, but I like to keep my house clean, organized and otherwise neat.  This doesn’t mean I’m crazy, nor does it mean my house does not look like a disaster zone on occasion, or maybe every weekend when I’m at work.  It does mean that I have three dogs and hate pet hair, so I strive to keep a home that would not make me want to vomit were I to not live here, but be visiting.  (Yeah, I’m aware that dog hair being gross to a vet tech is silly, but it’s true.)  This means I wipe my counters, vacuum and generally pick up more than I have a social life! It also means that I finally got a new vacuum.  I liked our little vacuum, but we had purchased it a few years ago for an apartment.  And when you only spend $50 on a vacuum, chances are, it’s only going to last a year, not the three that I’ve had it.  But who am I kidding, it hasn’t been working well in over a year.

I convinced my husband to use a gift card we had been given to a local hardware store to buy a vacuum.  I had no idea what to get, but all of my friends rave about their Dyson’s.  I can’t really afford one of those, and the Kirby that is three times the price of a Dyson is even more out of my reach.  So, what’s a girl to do?  We bought a vacuum that independent tests say picks up pet hair better than the Dyson Animal.

We bought it and took it home and I performed this little test:

I give you:  The Reigning Champion- The Eureka that cost me less than I pay for gas.

I give you:  The Contender- The Eureka Pet that test say is better than the Dyson Animal and cost less.

The first thing I did was empty my old vacuum and clean the filter the best I could.  Then I vacuumed my dinning room and living room, going over the dogs favorite places to lay twice.  

 This is what I got when I was done:

Not bad, right?
Well I went over the same areas, paying some special attention to the dogs favorite spots, but not being as in depth as I was with my little green guy. 
This is what I got: 
If you are not thoroughly grossed out, and equally impressed, keep in mind that the cylinder on this vacuum is nearly two times the size of my little green one.  My new vacuum is a full sized up right and my old one is a much smaller vacuum that is really not made for major cleaning anyway, but it still grosses me out that I got that much crud out of my carpets. 
Imagine what I’ll get out of my couch!


* I was not paid to endorse either of these products.  Eureka doesn’t even know I exist.  I simply wanted to share what I got when I vacuumed because I was impressed and grossed out all at the same time!