I’m a Personal Blogger

There is nothing to writing.  All you do is sit at a typewriter and bleed.  // aboyagirlandthemarinecorps.com

In the blogging world, everyone has a niche, a label that tells the others in the community what you are about.  Some are Fashion Bloggers, others are Food Bloggers, and me?  I fall into what they have coined as the “Lifestyle” category.  Lifestyle is the all-encompassing term for those who simply blog about life.

I actually hate that term.  I don’t view what I do as falling into that niche.  While I do write about my LIFE, I don’t really feel that I am a “Lifestyle Blogger.”  I prefer to call myself a Personal Blogger.  I don’t just share what I ate for breakfast and why my dogs suck, I write about who I am when no one is looking and the feelings I have locked away from the world.

And that’s the thing.  The people who read my blog could be my friends.  Every reader is a confidant, a friend, a support system, and therapist all rolled into one.  Because I share such personal things, and because most Lifestyle Bloggers do, our readers feel like they know us.

As a reader of blogs, I can tell you that more than one friendship has blossomed out of this fact.  This idea that you are baring your soul for the world to see creates a sense of intimacy with your followers.  I feel like I know so many of the bloggers I follow.  And I suppose I sort of do.  I follow their lives and watch things unfold; I do my best to give comfort in times of need, and laugh with them in times of joy.  Many of them are people who I have now friended on Facebook and correspond with.

To me, calling us Lifestyle Bloggers paints some picture of me drinking Champaign and telling you how it tastes.  It reminds of me of Robin Leach reading my blog aloud in his trademark manner and telling the world how I live and how wonderful it is.  But that’s not what I’m about, it’s not what I write about, and it’s not the picture I’m trying to paint for everyone.

The Lifestyle Bloggers I follow are real people, people I could be friends with if we met at the grocery store by chance.  They have ups and downs and make mistakes and are wonderfully and beautifully human.  They are Personal Bloggers.  They are sharing intimate details of their lives with us and we grow to feel like we are their friend, not their follower.

I hate being lumped into the “Lifestyle” category.  I’m not blogging about my lifestyle.  I’m blogging about my life, who I am and who I wish I could be.  And I’m doing it while sharing deeply personal and often painful things, but also allowing myself to be laughed at because sometimes that’s just life.  I’m a Personal Blogger.