If My Dog Were a Dinosaur


I might be a crazy dog lady now.  I mean I’ve always LOVED my dogs and I’ve always joked that I talk to them all the time, which is true.  But since becoming housebound in November of last year, I think my mental state has declined.  I now find that I talk to my dogs and sometimes forget that they can’t answer back.  That means I sit and look at them waiting momentarily for a response before remembering they are dogs.

But, in my crazy dog lady defense, my dogs are wicked smart.  You may remember my series called “My Dog is Smarter Than Me” and the truth is that I have more posts coming for the series as I still get out smarted on a daily basis.

I’d like to state my case in a fictional manner.  I will give it to you in terms of “If my Dog Were a Dinosaur, What Kind of Dino would she be?”

A few years ago, we went doggy trick or treating at an event.  Yes, I dress my dogs up nearly every year.  No, I don’t think that makes me crazy. Yes, I enter them into the local costume contest each year, and yes, we have won. But the year we won was probably the most epic year ever.  Why?  Because I found the BEST costumes.  The dogs were a cave woman, a triceratops and a velociraptor.

The Little One was the Velociraptor.  Why?  Because I’ve seen Jurassic Park too many times.

Each day that The Little One lets herself out of her kennel, opens a baby gate, or does some other terrifying thing to remind me that I’m never going to be smarter than her, I think of Jurassic Park.  Do you remember the scene?  The one where they see the Velociraptors in the cage and they are throwing themselves against the electric fence to test for weakness?

When everyone asks why they are doing it, the guy explains and then says, in the best accent ever, “They remember…”

And that scene sums up my Min Pin in a way that no amount of stories or tales of her misadventures ever will.  She is the canine equivalent to a Velociraptor.  She is constantly testing our home and our wills for weakness.  And… She remembers.